Villa Asimenia

5 reviews

My family enjoyed staying at this villa. The location was great and the villa is well furnished. Mr Smith

Villa Pelagos

5 reviews

Nice experience to stay at this apartment.

Villa Ouranos

5 reviews

Best apartment ever in london

Anchor Terrace

5 reviews

Everything was great; room, services, breakfast. Our complimants

Green Valley

3 reviews

Green Valley is one of the Best Room Apartments in the City

Business Contracts Available

Business Contracts Available


After a long day exploring the city, sunbathing or dealing with clients and business colleagues, the right dining experience is the perfect way to end the day. Whether it's a quick bite or a coffee between meetings, or a romantic dinner to celebrate a special occasion, we can cater to your every need.

Local Restaurants

When it comes to dining, we have options to satisfy any desire, all designed with you in mind. We have connections with some of the best local restaurants, offer a wide variety of different experiences for any traveller; from contemporary to traditional cuisine, from local dishes to some home comforts, our restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner from flavours across the world.

Discover Local Cuisine

If you're feeling adventurous and want to explore some wonderful local restaurants, a world of choices is available, right on your door step! We can offer suggestions on the trendiest dining choices the city has to offer. From award-winning fine dining establishments to the more rustic, hidden-gem pizzeria around the corner, our concierges are on call to answer any queries and to assist you with making the perfect dining choice from our ever expanding list of personally tested, and recommended restaurants.

Private Dining

Better still, why not enjoy the calm sanctuary of your apartment and treat yourself to a wonderful private dining experience? Our personal chefs can cater to any occasion and are available on request. You have the choice of any meal from our full à la carte menu, or we can create a special dish that you require - whatever the meal it can be cooked and prepared for you, in your private kitchen. You can enjoy whatever your heart desires, in your new home away from home.


Whether on a city break, an adrenaline seeking getaway, a business trip or a relaxing escape, breakfast will start your day right. It can often be one of the most difficult meals to organize, particularly when you just want to get on with your holiday.

Whilst many of our suggested hotels offer breakfast included, if your choice of hotel does not, we are here to help. We make breakfast to order brought straight to your door, from a full traditional English, to a lighter continental which can be enjoyed daily in our restaurant. We can also provide you with a selection of restaurants and cafés suitable for breakfast.

Business Dining

If you are travelling on business, we can provide you with a selection of practical and appealing restaurants or dining solutions. If you are hosting, we can also provide a private dining experience tailored to your needs, providing you and your guests with a taste of local cuisine, or a greater selection of international fine dining.

We would be delighted to provide this service for you, and we can offer additional waiting staff if needed. Please be advised that we require 48 hour notice for this service.

Whatever your request, you can contact us directly and we will be happy arrange it for you.


Apartments offer a more private, exclusive experience for you.

Our apartments meet a variety of different needs, tailored to you.

We have convenient, comfortable and practical apartments suitable for professionals travelling on business at a variety of budgets, apartments for luxurious stays or quick city getaways, as well as apartments hand-picked for families to make the most out of their travels with the most convenience and comfort. Your apartment is your oasis in a new location; we can make sure that it is right for you.

Why book an apartment with eGlobal Connections?

We are a company that can provide an overall service. We go beyond simply providing advice on where to stay in the capital by actually matching you up with potential landlords. We save you the time and effort of weeding out the less desirable accommodation options by matching your specific needs with our pre-selected apartments and studios, that have been screened to meet our high standards of quality and desirable locations. Our list is constantly updated and always evolving so you have peace of mind when it comes to where you be living and the sacred space you will be calling your home away from home.

We provide additional complimentary services such as dining arrangements, apartment cleaning, laundry services and airport transfers. This saves you time as we really are a one-stop shop for all your living requirements during your stay, and this can also save you money as we pride ourselves on constantly delivering value for money at competitive prices.




- Breakfast

- Laundry

- Cleaning

- Transfers

- Guide Services

- Other

Laundry service available